Oct.18 – Our Lady of Schoenstatt

Oct.18 is the date of the Founding Document on Schoenstatt, which was written in 1914. We at St.Bernard’s Parish are blessed to have a Schoenstatt Shrine.


There is an excellent article on our shrine and the history of  Schoenstatt on the  Swords of Truth website. That article may be read HERE:

Prayer to Our Lady of Schoenstatt

Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt,
Help me to live each day with a practical faith in Divine Providence.
Let me be calm and really listen to what God asks of me each day.
Accept my heart as a gift for your divine Son,
and help me keep my baptismal covenant with the Triune God.


WRITTEN BY: Harold Clitheroe
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