From Fr.Matthew – Instructions for Parishioners on Attending Resumed Masses

Sunday & Weekday Mass at St. Bernard’s Parish will resume on Saturday, June 6, 2020

Beginning with the Saturday 5pm Mass, our normal weekly schedule for Mass will resume:

  • Tuesdays 7pm: St. Bernard’s Church
  • Wednesdays 7pm: St. Bernard’s Church
  • Thursdays 7pm: Our Lady of the Assumption Church
  • Fridays 9am: Our Lady of the Assumption Church
  • Saturdays 9am   &   5pm: St. Bernard’s Church
  • Sundays 9am: St. Bernard’s Church
  • Sundays 11am: Our Lady of the Assumption Church

Also Please note that the STFX Chaplaincy has two Masses at St.Bernard’s.

  • Sunday  – 11:30 AM
  • Sunday  –  2:30 PM

Note: Registration for weekday Masses closes at 2 pm the day of the Mass, For Friday 9am and Saturday 9am Masses, cut-off for online registration will be 2pm the previous day. For all Saturday 5:00 PM and Sunday Masses, registration will close at 12:00 on Saturdays.

Also, even if registration has been closed or “deactivated” for a particular Mass, you can still see the total number of people registered (i.e.  23/43) – in this case it shows that there is plenty of room left. You can still feel free to attend Mass and register in person when you arrive.

This is to provide time to prepare and print attendance lists for use at the door at the respective Mass times. ​During this first stage of the reintroduction of public Mass, attendance is strictly limited to 50 participants (including the priest and volunteers). For this reason, we ask those who wish to attend Mass [to register using the link below]. This will ensure that we remain compliant with the current expectations from the Province and our Diocesan Guidelines.

Given these circumstances, it will mean that those wishing to be at Mass on any day will need to pre-register for every Mass they wish to attend. As health and safety measures are continually being reassessed, the situation and our parish plans will remain fluid and are subject to change. For this reason, it is important to remain patient, flexible, and also to check for news regularly with the parish. We are committed to providing prompt and accurate communication of changes concerning these directives, and our local parish plans. Our main means of communication is on the website – and we ask that you help keep our parishioners up to date by sharing updates especially with those who do not have access to the internet.


You will find on the registration form a few different categories listed. Please follow these instructions:

  • ** Please register carefully – there is no way for you to cancel your own mistaken registration. [If you need to cancel please contact
  • Including your phone number will be required for now, but adding email is optional. To skip adding your email, type ‘no’ in this field.
  • People deemed to be at greater risk at this time are welcome to attend Mass, and are subject to the general screening for symptoms. These people officially include those who are 65 years of age or older, and those with chronic medical conditions. They continue to be encouraged to choose prudential caution by avoiding public gatherings.  “All people attend Mass at their own risk.” (Diocesan Directives)
  • If you are simply attending Mass without volunteering, please register as an “Attendee”.
  • Register separately for each member of your household attending.
  • The number listed on the right end of the registration table indicates the number of spots available or needing to be filled.
  • If you are willing to help clean and sanitize the church at the end of Mass, please register as a “Cleaner”
  • Other volunteer positions (Lector, Usher, Point of Entry) are reserved for organized teams of volunteers. If you are willing to volunteer as Usher or Point of Entry greeter, please contact Fr. Matthew or the parish office.



Other Valuable Points to Take Note of: 

 Bishop McGrattan’s decree dispensing Catholics from the Sunday obligation continues to be in effect. This means that even though public Masses have resumed, Catholics are not obliged to attend Mass and those who attend do so out of their own free will and prudential judgment.

  • You can preview the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, and anticipate that these questions will be posed to you and your family/party before entry to the church. If you experience any of the symptoms listed, please stay at home. This questionnaire reflects the recommended AHS self-assessment tool.
  • ENTRY & EXIT:  Doors will be opened 30 minutes prior to each Mass, and locked at the start of each Mass, as per required. ** Please plan to be early to Mass to ensure ability to attend.

St. Bernard’s Church:  Entry will be through the main doors of the church only, after check-in with greeters.  After Mass, we will exit according to instruction or guidance from Father. (access will be possible through side door if ease of access is necessary, with help from a volunteer after check-in)

Our Lady of the Assumption:  Entry will be only through the main doors of the church, after check-in with greeters.  After Mass, with guidance from Father, exit will be through the North side door next to Mary’s niche.

  • CHECK-IN: as you enter, you will need to confirm your registration with a volunteer. Before entry, each party will be asked Self-Assessment questions for health and safety screening. Attendance records will be kept for only the required 2 weeks for the purpose of contact tracing and communication if necessary, securely in the parish office, and then destroyed.
  • MASKS: All attendees are asked to bring their own mask, and are expected to wear it during the Mass.  * Very young children wear masks at their parents’ discretion.
  • HOW TO RECEIVE HOLY COMMUNION: There is instruction defined for the procedure of receiving Holy Communion, according to the Diocesan Directives. You can watch this video in preparation of attending Mass. These measures are temporary, and will be relaxed in due course.
WRITTEN BY: Harold Clitheroe