Our Lady of the Assumption Church

7624 – 39 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB

Sunday — 11:00 A.M.
Thursday —  7:00 P.M.
Friday — 9:00 A.M.

Is available  45 minutes before every Mass (except before the 11:00am Sunday …

St. Bernard’s / Our Lady of the Assumption Parish

St. Bernard’s /Our Lady of the Assumption Parish serves the communities of Parkdale, St. Andrews Heights, Point McKay, Montgomery, Bowness, Valley Ridge, Greenwood Village, University Heights and Crestmont. We have two churches within the Parish, …

St. Bernard’s Church

711 – 37 Street NW
Calgary, AB

Saturday — 8:00 A.M.
Saturday — 5:00 P.M.
Sunday — 9:00 A.M.
Tuesday — 7:00 P.M.
Wednesday — 7:00 P.M

Is available  45 minutes before every …

Feb.26 – Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Rest in God alone, my soul.

Cima_da_Conegliano,_God_the_Father_1515HAC for Fr.Nathan – image – Coneglian0 – 1515

Video – An Interview with Bishop McGrattan

Salt and Light TV interviewed Bishop McGrattan on his upcoming move to Calgary.

Lenten Retreat Series – The Seven Last Words of Christ

Please join us for this retreat series on Tuesday evenings during Lent. For full information, click on the images below.

Lenten Retreat Poster-2

Lenten Retreat Poster Schedule of Events



Ash Wednesday Services

The Holy Mass will be celebrated on Ash Wednesday (March 1st) at 9:00 am at Our Lady of the Assumption and at 7:00 pm at St. Bernard’s. There will be an opportunity to receive Ashes at both of these Masses.

Lent Soup Suppers & Stations of The Cross

Once again we will be hosting our Lenten Soup Suppers and Stations of the Cross as follows:
Friday March 3rd at St. Bernard’s
Friday March 10th at Our Lady of the Assumption
Friday March 17th at St. Bernard’s
Friday March 24th at Our Lady of the Assumption
Friday March 31st at St. Bernard’s
Friday April 7th at Our Lady of the Assumption
Supper will begin at 6:00pm, followed by the Stations of the Cross at 7:00pm. We are asking for volunteers to help make soup and provide buns for these suppers. Please make sure the soups are meatless. We are also asking that you RSVP for these suppers so we know much soup needs to be provided.
Please contact Monique Tobicoe at 403-288-4986, (or via email –  to volunteer to make soup and to RSVP. (Please RSVP no later than the Tuesday prior to the Friday you are going to attend). Thank you!

Installation of Bishop McGrattan – Monday, February 27, 2017


The Diocese is very much looking forward to celebrating Bishop McGrattan’s Installation on Monday, February 27, 2017 at St. Mary’s Cathedral at 7:30 pm.   Special guests, including the Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops, have been invited to celebrate this special Mass alongside our own Diocesan Priests, Deacons, other Religious and members of the laity.
We expect more than 1,000 people to be in attendance at this special occasion in our Diocese. We will also have a live stream over the internet through (, our Diocesan Website.
This is a ticketed event. In order to comply with fire code regulations at the Cathedral, admittance will not be given without a ticket. A block of 500 complimentary tickets has been allocated for laity from the Diocese to attend. These tickets will be available through at beginning February 7. You will only be allowed to register for two tickets. If you cannot access a computer, you may call (403) 218-5531 beginning February 7. Online reservations are preferred.   NOTE: Tickets are Sold OUT
Parishioners may also view the Mass live online via the Diocese’s website.  Please continue to check the Diocesan website for updates.

First Friday Eucharistic Adoration

Monstrance and Incense

There will be a time of Eucharistic Adoration on the First Friday of every  month. It will take place at Our Lady of the Assumption Church following the 9:00 am Mass and end with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at 11:00 am. All are welcome to join us for a time of silent prayer and adoration before Our Eucharistic Lord.

Gospel Reflection – “Why are you anxious – seek first his kingdom”


HAC for Fr.Nathan – image – courtesy of and used with permission – – copyright  LUMO Project

Who is the master of your life?
Who is the master in charge of your life? Our “master” is whatever governs our thought-life, shapes our ideals, and controls the desires of our heart and the values we choose to live by. We can be ruled by many different things – the love of money and possessions, the power of position and prestige, the glamor of wealth and fame, and the driving force of unruly passions, harmful desires, and addictive cravings. Ultimately the choice of who is our master boils down to two: God or “mammon”. What is mammon? “Mammon” stands for “material wealth” or “possessions” or whatever tends to control our appetites and desires.

The antidote to fear, pride, and greed
There is one master alone who has the power to set us free from slavery to sin, fear, pride, and greed, and a host of other hurtful desires. That master is the Lord Jesus Christ who alone can save us from all that would keep us bound up in fear and anxiety. Jesus used an illustration from nature – the birds and the flowers – to show how God provides for his creatures in the natural order of his creation. God provides ample food, water, light, and heat to sustain all that lives and breathes. How much more can we, who are created in the very image and likeness of God, expect our heavenly Father and creator to sustain not only our physical bodies, but our mind, heart, and soul as well? God our Father is utterly reliable because it is his nature to love, heal, forgive, and make whole again.

Jesus – our daily bread
Jesus taught his disciples to pray with confidence to their heavenly Father: Give us this day our daily bread. What is bread, but the very staple of life and symbol of all that we need to live and grow. Anxiety is neither helpful nor necessary. It robs us of faith and confidence in God’s help and it saps our energy for doing good. Jesus admonishes his followers to put away anxiety and preoccupation with material things and instead to seek first the things of God – his kingdom and righteousness. Anxiety robs the heart of trust in the mercy and goodness of God and in his loving care for us. God knows our needs even before we ask and he gives generously to those who trust in him. Who is your master – God or mammon?


Daily Quote from the early church fathers: The value of life, by John Chrysostom, 547-407 A.D.

“Note the acceleration of images: just when the lilies are decked out, he no longer calls them lilies but ‘grass of the field’ (Matthew 6:30 ). He then points further to their vulnerable condition by saying ‘which are here today.’ Then he does not merely say ‘and not tomorrow’ but rather more callously ‘cast into the oven.’ These creatures are not merely ‘clothed but ‘so clothed’ in this way as to be later brought to nothing. Do you see how Jesus everywhere abounds in amplifications and intensifications? And he does so in order to press his points home. So then he adds, ‘Will he not much more clothe you?’ The force of the emphasis is on ‘you’ to indicate covertly how great is the value set upon your personal existence and the concern God shows for you in particular. It is as though he were saying, ‘You, to whom he gave a soul, for whom he fashioned a body, for whose sake he made everything in creation, for whose sake he sent prophets, and gave the law, and wrought those innumerable good works, and for whose sake he gave up his only begotten Son.'” (excerpt from THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW, HOMILY 22.1)

Downloadable Prayer Cards Now Available

We have added a page with a selection of Prayer Cards for your enjoyment and use. These may be accessed from the main page menu, or from this link.
These cards are in Adobe PDF format, and will require a PDF viewer  for viewing and printing.

Feast Days for the coming Week

Feast days for the coming week:

Sunday – Feb.26 – St.Maria Bertilla Boscardin
Monday – Feb.27 – St.Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows
Tuesday – Feb.28 – Blessed Daniel Brottier
Wednesday – Mar.01 – St.David of Wales
Thursday – Mar.02  – St.Agnes of Bohemia
Friday – Mar.03 –  St.Katherine Drexel
Saturday – Mar.04 – St.Casimir
Sunday – Mar.05 – St.John Joseph of the Cross

HAC for Fr.Nathan

A Stewardship Minute

banner-winter“Lord Jesus, free me from needless worries and help me to put my trust in you. May my first and only concern be for your glory and your kingdom of peace and righteousness. Help me to live each day and moment with trust and gratitude for your providential care for me.”

HAC for Fr.Nathan