Our Lady of the Assumption Church

7624 – 39 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB , T3B 1X3
The Parish Office is located at this Church

Sunday — 11:00 A.M.
Thursday —  7:00 P.M.
Friday — 9:00 A.M.

Is available  45 …

St. Bernard’s / Our Lady of the Assumption Parish

We have two churches within the Parish, St. Bernard’s in Parkdale, and Our Lady of the Assumption in Bowness. The Parish Office is located at Our Lady of the Assumption.
St. Bernard’s /Our Lady of the …

St. Bernard’s Church

711 – 37 Street NW
Calgary, AB
T2N 3B9

Saturday — 9:00 A.M.
Saturday — 5:00 P.M.
Sunday — 9:00 A.M.
Tuesday — 7:00 P.M.
Wednesday — 7:00 P.M


Is available  45 minutes before every …

Update on the Resumption of Masses from Bishop McGrattan

From the Diocese of Calgary:

“The Guidelines for the Reintroduction of the Public Celebration of Holy Mass were developed by a task force the Bishops established under the direction of Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton and Bishop William McGrattan of Calgary. The document follows the recent release of the Alberta government’s Guidance for Places of Public Worship as part of Stage 1 of the provincial relaunch strategy, as well as consultations with Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and other experts.”

Bishop McGrattan’s message to the Faithful:

Bishop McGrattan’s Pastoral Letter (pdf format)

Guidelines for the Reintroduction of Public Celebration of the Holy Mass (pdf Format)

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Fr. Matthew’s Homily for the Feast of the Ascension

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“You Raise Me Up” – a song for Ascension

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May 24 – Feast of the Ascension

images – courtesy and used with permission – www.freebibleimages.org – copyright LUMO Project

Gospel Mt 28:16-20

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Pentecost Novena – Live on Facebook

Fr. Matthew will be holding a Pentecost Novene on Facebook Live, daily at 12:00 noon from Friday May 22, to Saturday May 30 All are invited to join in.  The Novena Prayers in complete and outline format are available here in PDF format.

Novena to the Holy Spirit
Novena to the Holy Spirit – outline

Link to the parish Facebook page, where the videos can will be able to be found:

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New Prayer Card – St.Roch, Patron against plagues.

In  the 14th century there was a plague in Italy, and St. Roch went to one of the towns most affected by it.
According to the Catholic Encyclopedia:  “he devoted himself to the plague-stricken, curing them with the sign of the cross. He next visited Cesena and other neighboring cities and then Rome. Everywhere the terrible scourge disappeared before his miraculous power.”
St.Roch  eventually contracted the plague himself, but he was also cured from the disease.
In 1414, during the Council of Constance, the plague having broken out in that city, the Fathers of the Council ordered public prayers and processions in honor of the saint, and immediately the plague ceased.
Again and again , St.Roch was invoked during various medieval plagues and this is why he is labeled a patron against plagues.
This Prayer Card may be downloaded for printing by clicking on the image. It is also found in our Prayer Card section, along with other saint’s Prayer Cards.


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St. Bernard’s Parish 2020 Fundraiser – updated!

The plants are SOLD OUT! Thank you for your support during the first stage of our spring fundraiser.

NEXT: Please consider placing an order for Spolumbo sausages. Order forms are available on our website, or by request from the parish office. DEADLINE for orders will be June 7. All interested can contact Nancy at (587) 435-8162 or email steudler@telusplanet.net. Please stock your freezer as a way to help with the upkeep and maintenance of our two churches! A giant thank you for your support in all ways!

2020- Sausage Order Form for Parish Fundraiser

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Diocese of Calgary – May Consecration of Canada

The consecration of Canada to Our Lady will enrich our faith, allow a more abundant outpouring of God’s spiritual and temporal gifts on us, and enable us even more to fulfill our calling and mission. Ultimately, consecration to Mary, which springs from a more fervent, more committed, and more sustained life of prayer and devotion in which the Blessed Mother plays a unique and loving role, points and leads to a renewed spirit and understanding of family, Church, and the need for societal engagement. ​To find more catechesis on Marian Consecration and why we consecrate Canada to Our Lady, please read the document “Consecrating Canada to the Blessed Virgin Mary: Insights for Adult Catechesis.”

Join us in prayer: Bishop McGrattan will consecrate the Diocese of Calgary to Mary, Mother of the Church, on Friday, May 1, seeking her maternal protection during the Coronavirus pandemic. To assist dioceses with the consecration, the CCCB will provide a prayer for use during the solemn act of entrustment. It can likewise be incorporated into family or individual prayer at home and used by other groups and faith communities.

Download Prayer in English | French

Bishop McGrattan will celebrating the following liturgies on Friday, May 1, 2020:

8:30 AM – Mass for the Feast of St. Joseph, the Worker (St. Peter’s Catholic Church)
11 AM – Consecration of the Diocese of Calgary to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, in time of pandemic (St. Mary’s Cathedral). Livestream will be available at www.calgarydiocese.ca | Facebook 

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Daily and Sunday Mass Livestreams

Daily Mass Livestreams:

Here is a list of Parish daily and Sunday Mass livestreams:


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Web Stations of the Cross from our Parish Churches.

As a response to the current  restrictions on gatherings imposed during the current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created an online Stations of the Cross using the Station images from both St.Bernard’s and Our Lady of the Assumption.  These are in the form of a slideshow slider. This slider will take one through the Stations of The Cross. The slides will automatically advance every 25 seconds, our you can bring up a set of controls to rewind, pause or forward through the slides by moving your mouse over the slide image.

Stations of the Cross at St.Bernard’s Church

Stations of the Cross at Our Lady of the Assumption

Thanks to Fr.Matthew for the photos, and for the concept.

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Feast Days for the coming Week

Feast days for the coming week:

Sunday – May 24 – St. Mary Magdalene de ‘Pazzi
Monday – May 25 – St. Dunchadh of Iona
Tuesday – May 26 – St. Bede the Venarable
Wednesday – May 27 – St. Augustine of Canterbury
Thursday – May 28- Venerable Pierre Toussaint
Friday – May 29 – St. Dryfig of Carleon
Saturday – May 30 – St. Joan of Arc






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Current Announcements from the Diocese Catholic Pastoral Centre

Current Announcements from the Diocese Catholic Pastoral Centre may be read HERE:


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Downloadable Prayer Cards Now Available

We have added a page with a selection of Prayer Cards for your enjoyment and use. These may be accessed from the main page menu, or from this link.
These cards are in Adobe PDF format, and will require a PDF viewer  for viewing and printing.

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Gospel Reflection – “The Lord Jesus was taken up into heaven”


he Risen Lord is with us always to the end of time
Jesus’ departure and ascension into heaven was both an end and a beginning for his disciples. While it was the end of Jesus’ physical presence with his beloved disciples, it marked the beginning of Jesus’ presence with them in a new way. Jesus promised that he would be with them always to the end of time (Matthew 28:20). Now as the glorified and risen Lord and Savior, ascended to the right hand of the Father in heaven, Jesus promised to send them the Holy Spirit who would anoint them with power from on high on the Feast of Pentecost, just as Jesus was anointed for his ministry at the River Jordan (Luke 3:21-22, 4:1,18). When the Lord Jesus departed physically from the apostles, they were not left in sorrow or grief. Instead, they were filled with joy and with great anticipation for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The Risen Lord empowers us to carry on his work
Why did the Risen Lord ascend into heaven? The Father raised the glorified body of his Son and enthroned him in glory at his right hand in heaven. The Lord Jesus in his glorified body now reigns as Lord over the heavens and the earth – over all that he has created. The Risen Lord reigns from the throne in heaven as our Merciful Redeemer and Gracious King. He intercedes for us and he empowers us through the outpouring of his Holy Spirit. The Lord Jesus gives us new life in his Spirit and he strengthens us in faith, hope and love so we can serve him and carry on his work as citizens of his kingdom here on ea

Quote from the early church fathers:  Jesus ascends to heaven in his body – divine and human nature, by Augustine of Hippo, 354-430 A.D.

“You heard what came to our ears just now from the Gospel: ‘Lifting up his hands, he blessed them. And it happened, while he was blessing them he withdrew from them, and was carried up to heaven.’ Who was carried up to heaven? The Lord Christ was. Who is the Lord Christ? He is the Lord Jesus. What is this? Are you going to separate the human from the divine and make one person of God, another of the man, so that there is no longer a trinity of three but a quaternary of four? Just as you, a human being, are soul and body, so the Lord Christ is Word, soul and body. The Word did not depart from the Father. He both came to us and did not forsake the Father. He both took flesh in the womb and continued to govern the universe. What was lifted up into heaven, if not what had been taken from earth? That is to say, the very flesh, the very body, about which he was speaking when he said to the disciples, ‘Feel, and see that a spirit does not have bones and flesh, as you can see that I have’ (Luke 24:39).  Let us believe this, brothers and sisters, and if we have difficulty in meeting the arguments of the philosophers, let us hold on to what was demonstrated in the Lord’s case without any difficulty of faith. Let them chatter, but let us believe.” (excerpt from Sermon 242,6)

  Text and reflections, courtesy and used with permission – http://dailyscripture.servantsoftheword.org

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A Stewardship Minute

“Lord Jesus, through the gift of your Holy Spirit, you fill us with an indomitable spirit of praise and joy which no earthly trial can subdue. Fill me with your resurrection joy and help me to live a life of praise and thanksgiving for your glory. May I witness to those around me the joy of the Gospel and the reality of your great victory over sin and death.”


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First Friday Eucharistic Adoration

Monstrance and Incense

There will be a time of Eucharistic Adoration on the First Friday of every  month. It will take place at Our Lady of the Assumption Church following the 9:00 am Mass and end with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at 11:00 am. All are welcome to join us for a time of silent prayer and adoration before Our Eucharistic Lord.

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