Our Lady of the Assumption Church

7624 – 39 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB

Sunday — 11:00 A.M.
Thursday —  7:00 P.M.
Friday — 9:00 A.M.

Is available  45 minutes before every Mass (except before the 11:00am Sunday Mass at …

St. Bernard’s / Our Lady of the Assumption Parish

St. Bernard’s /Our Lady of the Assumption Parish serves the communities of Parkdale, St. Andrews Heights, Point McKay, Montgomery, Bowness, Valley Ridge, Greenwood Village, University Heights and Crestmont. We have two churches within the Parish, …

St. Bernard’s Church

711 – 37 Street NW
Calgary, AB

Saturday — 8:00 A.M.
Saturday — 5:00 P.M.
Sunday — 9:00 A.M.
Tuesday — 7:00 P.M.
Wednesday — 7:00 P.M


Is available  45 minutes before every Mass  in …

2019 Parish Fundraiser – Delivery Times

Thank you to all parishioners who placed orders to support the church fundraiser!
Please note pick up times as follows:

Plants and Flowers:
At St Bernard’s Church plants will be delivered on Saturday May 25 at 4 00 pm, and also after the 5 00
pm Mass and on Sunday May 26 before and after the 9 00 am Mass.

At Our Lady of the Assumption you can pick up your plants before and after the 11 00 am Mass on Sunday, May 26.

Sausages will be delivered the beginning of June, and the delivery times will be announced soon!

Thank you for all your support! The results of the fundraising will be announced soon!

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May The Month of Our Lady – Who is Mary for Her People


It is a great opportunity to come to love Mary and turn to her in devotion as her adopted children. To be able to come to this relationship with her, it is important to learn about her and understand better what the Church believes and teaches about her. To start, we have what the Gospels tell us, what the Bible says, about her. Through these description given to us in Divine Revelation, along with the long tradition of the faithful of relating to Mary individually and as a believing family, we can grow in our knowledge of who she is.

Our prayers have an important place in helping us in that understanding. To close this month of May, let us look at what some of our most popular prayers tell us about Mary:

Hail Mary:

  • She is full of Grace
  • Mary is blessed among women
  • She is Mother of God
  • She intercedes for us, praying alongside us and for us
  • She is mother of Jesus

 Hail Holy Queen (Salve Regina)

  • She is a Holy Queen
  • She is Mother of Mercy
  • we call her “our life our sweetness and our hope”
  • She is a gracious advocate for us before God
  • She is a Virgin who is clement (merciful/mild), loving, & sweet
  • She is the Holy Mother of God

Memorare (Remember O Virigin Mary…)

  • She is most gracious
  • She helps all people who fly to her protection, implore her help or seek her intercession
  • She is considered the Virgin of virgins (model of virgins)
  • She is our Mother
  • She is the Mother of the Word Incarnate (Jesus, who dwells amongst us)
  • She shares with us the mercy of a mother

Through the language of the Church and the help of our most treasured prayers, continue to get to know Mary, who’s heart has claimed you as if you were her own child.

REMEMBER, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

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May 26 – Sixth Sunday of Easter

images – courtesy and used with permission – www.freebibleimages.org – copyright LUMO Project


Gospel Jn 14:23-29

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Fr.Matthew Emmelkamp appointed Pastor of St. Bernard’s Parish

Bishop McGrattan has announced as of August 1st 2019 Fr. Matthew Emmelkamp will become Pastor of St. Bernard’s/Our Lady of the Assumption Parish. Thank you Bishop McGrattan, and welcome Fr. Matthew!

As of August 1st 2019 Fr. Valentine Suum will become Associate Pastor at St. Mary’s Cathedral. We thank Fr. Valentine for serving as Associate Pastor in our parish and wish him well in his new position.

2019 Priest Personnel Announcement

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May 26 – Calgary Marathon and St. Bernard’s

It will be (much) more difficult to get to church, Sunday, May 26, due to the running of the Calgary Marathon.

Sunday, May 26, 2019:
3rd Avenue NW / Parkdale Blvd / Bowness Road will be occupied and guarded as the route for the Calgary Marathon across the front of Saint Bernard’s church, and most of the way to Our Lady of the Assumption church.


Please plan for this reality by leaving plenty of extra time to sort out a route for yourself. the following is an email from the Race Director:

“Hello St. Bernard Parish, I wanted to reach out so that you and your team at St. Bernard Parish,  had enough opportunity to notify your community that the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon would be running through your neighborhood on Sunday May 26, 2019. Linked is a interactive map that will give your community the opportunity to better understand the road closures and times associated with the roads will re-open. We will do our very best to allow as much traffic through designated points controlled by police officers.

With over 10,000 runners and 1500 volunteers the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon is one of Calgary’s largest single day events. We have over 90 charities that utilize the races as a fundraising platforms where with the help of the community raised $700,000.00 in 2018.

If your community is interested in volunteering for the race we are still in need of many positions on course. Please have a look at our volunteer page or email our Volunteer Coordinator volunteer@calgarymarathon.com.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, we appreciate your support bringing Calgarian’s together.


The Scotiabank Calgary Marathon
Jon Bird
Race Director

Office: 403-264-2996
Mobile: 403-618-2473
Fax: 403-251-9070



Register HERE for one of our 2019 Races. Sign up for four or more of our races HERE and get some of the coolest and exclusive swag in town.

Calgary Marathon voted Alberta’s Best Road Race for 2017

Vote for the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon to be the Best Road Race 2 years in a row.  Vote HERE. Voting closes at midnight on April 15th.”

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May – The Month of Mary

For many centuries, the Catholic Church has set aside the entire month of May to honour Mary, Mother of God. Not just one day in May, but the entire month. The custom of focusing on Mary in a special way during May spans many cultures around the world, and can easily be called  globally ancient. The month of May has been important since before Christianity began – both ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated the pagan gods of blossoms and fruitfulness or fertility – Flora and Artemis. May is springtime, when new growth is clear all around us in nature. Many western cultures have come to associate May as a month of life and motherhood.

The Church has kept an entire month dedicated to Mary since at least medieval times (August was the choice early on), but it wasn’t the month of May commonly until the 1700’s.

The Raccolta, a handbook of Catholic prayers from the mid-1800’s, describes May this way:
“It is a well-known devotion, to consecrate to most holy Mary the month of May, as the most beautiful and florescent month of the whole year. This devotion has long prevailed throughout Christendom.”

The ways Mary is honoured in May is as varied as the people who honour her. It’s common for parishes to have a daily recitation of the Rosary during May. Also, it’s a long-standing tradition to crown a statue of Mary during May in the parish.  Often, the crown is made of beautiful blossoms representing Mary’s beauty and virtue.

During May, at church and at home, remember Mary in a special way often. Notice and visit Mary in here in our parish churches. Our crowned statues are in the grotto inside the church, and in the garden courtyard of Our Lady of the Assumption. Mary’s crowning was beautifully celebrated May 1.

Saint Bernard says:
“In danger, in anguish…call on Mary. May she never be far from your lips, from your heart…If you follow her, you cannot go astray;
if you pray to her, you cannot despair; if you think of her, you cannot be mistaken. If she sustains you, you cannot fall; if she protects you, you have nothing to fear; if she guides you, do not tire.”


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Current Announcements from the Diocese Catholic Pastoral Centre

Current Announcements from the Diocese Catholic Pastoral Centre may be read HERE:


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Feast Days for the coming Week

Feast days for the coming week:

Sunday – May 26 – St. Philip Neri
Monday – May 27 – St. Augustine of Canterbury
Tuesday – May 28 – Venerable Pierre Toussaint
Wednesday – May 29 – St. Madelaine Sophie Barat
Thursday –  May 30 – St. Joan of Arc
Friday – May 31 – Visitation of The Blessed Virgin Mary
Saturday – June 01 – Sts. Marcellinus and Peter





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Downloadable Prayer Cards Now Available

We have added a page with a selection of Prayer Cards for your enjoyment and use. These may be accessed from the main page menu, or from this link.
These cards are in Adobe PDF format, and will require a PDF viewer  for viewing and printing.

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Gospel Reflection – “My peace I give to you”

The true nature of peace
Do you know the peace which surpasses all understanding? In his farewell discourse Jesus grants peace as his gift to his disciples. What kind of peace does he offer? The peace of Christ is more than the absence of trouble. It includes everything which makes for our highest good. The world’s approach to peace is avoidance of trouble and a refusal to face unpleasant things. Jesus offers the peace which conquers our fears and anxieties. Nothing can take us from the peace and joy of Jesus Christ. No sorrow or grief, no danger, no suffering can make it less.

How can we attain the peace which the Lord Jesus offers his followers? Through the gift and work of the Holy Spirit who dwells within us, the Lord Jesus shows us how to yield our passions of anger, fear, and pride to him so we can receive his gift of peace. The Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness and strengthens us with his gifts and supernatural virtues which enable us to live as wise and holy disciples of Christ.

 Quote from the early church fathers:  God is pleased to dwell in us, by Augustine of Hippo, 354-430 A.D.

“God is not too grand to come, he is not too fussy or shy, he is not too proud – on the contrary he is pleased to come if you do not displease him. Listen to the promise he makes. Listen to him indeed promising with pleasure, not threatening in displeasure, “We shall come to him,” he says, “I and the Father.” To the one he had earlier called his friend, the one who obeys his precepts, the keeper of his commandment, the lover of God, the lover of his neighbor, he says, “We shall come to him and make our abode with him.” (excerpt from Sermon 23,6)

Text and reflections, courtesy and used with permission – http://dailyscripture.servantsoftheword.org

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A Stewardship Minute

“Lord Jesus, in love you created me and you drew me to yourself. May I never lose sight of you nor forget your steadfast love and faithfulness. And may I daily dwell upon your word and give you praise in the sanctuary of my heart, You who are my All.”


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First Friday Eucharistic Adoration

Monstrance and Incense

There will be a time of Eucharistic Adoration on the First Friday of every  month. It will take place at Our Lady of the Assumption Church following the 9:00 am Mass and end with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at 11:00 am. All are welcome to join us for a time of silent prayer and adoration before Our Eucharistic Lord.

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