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All Registrations open every Monday at 6:30pm.

Dear Parishioners,

On May 4th, the Premier announced expanded restrictions that effect faith gatherings and outdoor social gatherings – and these are in effect starting Wednesday, May 5, 2021. These restrictions will be in place for at least three (3) weeks and may be extended by the government if deemed necessary.

In our parish the following changes to registration are in effect:

● 15 people is in addition to the presiding priest

● Those already registered will be contacted about reduced capacity for the Mass times between May 6th – 9th

● Volunteer positions reserved for Masses:
○ 1 for weekdays: Point-of-Entry greeter
○ 2 for weekends: Point-of-Entry greeter + Lector

● Other volunteer help will be requested from among those in attendance

● There will be no music anticipated for the time-being at Mass, to give more people a chance to attend.

Please space your attendance at Mass out by at least 2 weeks between visits – for the time being – to help allow the largest variety of people to attend Mass as possible. This will be an act of charity towards each other.

Please remember:
● Our parish Mass schedule remains the same – 8 Masses per week.
● For the time being, please consider an opportunity to attend at any point in the week as your ‘weekly observance’.

Livestream Masses are available from a great number of parishes in the Diocese. Please find a list of times and links here:

●Our parish will explore our capability to livestream Mass, and make a decision as soon as possible.

● For the Statement from the Diocese regarding the new restrictions, please visit
● For the Alberta Government page:

Mass Registration:


Tuesday, May 18 7:00 PM – St. Bernard’s  SIGNUP FORM
Wednesday, May 19 7:00 PM – St. Bernard’s SIGNUP FORM
Thursday, May 20 7:00 PM – Our Lady of the Assumption SIGNUP FORM
Friday, May 21 9:00 AM  – Our Lady of the Assumption SIGNUP
Saturday, May 22 9:00 AM – St. Bernard’s    SIGNUP FORM
Saturday, May 22 5:00 PM  – St. Bernard’s    SIGNUP FORM
Sunday, May 23 9:00 AM  – St. Bernard’s   SIGNUP FORM
Sunday, May 23 11:00 AM  – Our Lady of the Assumption SIGNUP FORM


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Registration for weekday Masses closes at 2 pm the day of the Mass, For Friday 9am and Saturday 9am Masses, cut-off for online registration will be 2pm the previous day. For all Saturday 5:00 pm and Sunday Masses, registration will close at 12:00 pm on Saturdays.



Due to the public health announcements from the Alberta Government on December 8, more strict restrictions have been introduced, to take effect Sunday, December 13, 2020.

These new restrictions have reduced the number of people allowed to attend each Mass. The new limit is set at 15% of fire code occupancy.  This means that the capacity at each church is reduced to a maximum of 44 at St. Bernard’s Church and 55 at Our Lady of the Assumption. These mandatory restrictions will be in place at least until January 12, 2021, according to the government announcement.


When registering for a Mass, because of these strict rules – please make sure you register each person individually. This will ensure our ability to remain as close as possible to the new requirements.

– All other current guidelines are in full effect.
– The mandatory wearing of masks while in our churches has been reinforced by the government and the diocese, for all who do not have a medical reason that makes them unable to wear a mask.* although not mentioned recently, infants and toddlers who are unable to wear a mask reliably could be considered another exception.