Due to current restrictions, and because of certain needs before each Mass, FOR THE TIME
Confessions are available according to need AFTER each Mass, except after Sunday 9am Mass.* Appointments for the sacrament at other times are always welcome.

Some additional details:
• Confession is scheduled every Tuesday evening, during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament following Mass (approx. 7:35 – 8:20pm).

* This exception is because Father needs to travel from one church to the other for the following Sunday Mass.

When current restrictions relax, we look forward to resuming our typical schedule of availability.

Mass Times:

The Lord’s Day:

Saturday 5pm ….. St Bernard’s Church

Sunday 9am ….. St Bernard’s Church

Sunday 11am ….. Our Lady of the Assumption Church


Tuesday, Wednesday 7pm ….. St Bernard’s Church

Thursday 7pm ….. Our Lady of the Assumption Church

Friday 9am ….. Our Lady of the Assumption Church

Saturday 9am ….. St Bernard’s Church

Eucharistic Adoration:


Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30 pm — Holy Hour following the Mass at St. Bernard’s Church
First Fridays of the Month, 9:30-10:45 am — following the 9am Mass at Our Lady of the Assumption Church



Please contact the Parish Office for more details, and to schedule an appointment with our pastor. Please anticipate the need to complete preparation in advance of the baptism, particularly if the child to be baptized is your first.
You can find an online registration form for baptism HERE . Please fill it out (digitally if possible) and email it to our parish office as part of your request.

Expecting baby soon?

Let’s meet for preparation before the birth, so we can be ready for an early baptism!

Baptism for school-aged children, age 7 & up:

With your support, your child will need to complete a distinct preparation process that will prepare them to receive all three sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. Please call the parish for more details.


Most commonly, children in Grade Two (aged 7-8) receive these sacraments. The Diocese of Calgary now prepares
children for both these sacraments in a single year, so that reconciliation with God can prepare the heart to receive
Holy Communion for the first time.
Registration and preparation typically begins in October each year. Please contact the Parish Office to enquire.


Welcome to Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Bernard’s Parish!

WHO: We offer this sacrament in our parish every second year, and 2021 is our next
offering. It is open to youth in grades 6 & 7, and other older youth who have
missed in previous years.

HOW: This year’s offering of the preparation program is different than others because it
will be online, and largely self-directed at home.
It is made of 11 sessions/lessons designed to be completed over 11 weeks. The
outline the Diocese has given us says we are finishing the sessions in April, and using
May & June for any extra parish-led support and the celebration of the sacrament.
There is some built in flexibility if our parish group needs a little extra time.
As a parish, we will plan occasional group check-ins for support, questions,
discussion, and prayer. Stay tuned for more news about this. **Please make sure
that we have a reliable email address so that you won’t miss any updates.


Step 1: Download our parish registration form from here:
2021 – Fillable Form Confirmation Registration
Fill out digitally, and email it to with a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate included, if possible. This certificate can be submitted at a later date if necessary.

Step 2: Please visit and bookmark the Diocesan webpage
dedicated to the Confirmation Preparation Program.

First step at this site is to register for the online program with Ascension Press.
There is a cost of US$17.95 for registering, but this is the only cost of participation.
There is a lot of important and valuable information and resources on this webpage that will guide you on the way through the program.

Most commonly, children in Grade 6 or Grade 7 (aged 11-13) receive this sacrament. Our parish celebrates
Confirmation every second year, on the ‘odd’ years (ie.: 2021).
Registration and preparation typically begins in the early Spring. Please contact the Parish Office to enquire.


To schedule a wedding, please contact the Parish Office at least six months in advance prior to the desired wedding
date, to book an introductory meeting with the pastor and begin the necessary preparations. Congratulations, and we
look forward to hearing from you.


Please notify the parish if a parishioner is hospitalized or sick at home. We will arrange for a pastoral visit when
possible, and include their name in the community’s prayers on Sundays.

In case of an emergency:

If you have a loved one IN THE HOSPITAL, and an emergency arises, please call the Diocesan-wide Hospital
Emergency Paging: 


This will contact one of the hospital chaplains dedicated to pastoral care
at the hospitals.

If at home, or at one of our local Seniors’ Residences in the parish – call: