24 Hours For The Lord

Thank you for choosing to spend an hour with the Lord in prayer!
You are able to register for a time of prayer in a similar way to registering for
Mass, through the following link: Register

Please review this information to allow for a smooth visit.



SAINT BERNARD’S: Friday 6:00 PM – Saturday 9:00 AM.

* Visits are not limited to 2 people: If you would like to visit the church for prayer, and there are already 2 people registered, please feel free to drop in for the time you’d like.
* There will be an interruption in prayer between 5:30 – 6 pm to change locations, and again between 7 pm & 8 pm for Stations of the Cross.
* Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will begin at Our Lady of the Assumption, immediately following the morning Mass, and continue until 5:30 pm.
* At 5:30 pm, adoration will then close at Assumption, and begin again at St. Bernard’s at 6:00 pm.
* When you sign up for an hour, please be committed to that time, arriving on time, and ready to relieve the person already there. It is frustrating to feel stuck at the church beyond your committed time.
* At least 2 people are required to be present at all times throughout our schedule of prayer. Certainly, more people are welcome, but we must be able to maintain a minimum of 2.
* Beginning at 8:00 pm, the doors to the church will remain locked.
* Please knock at the door (loudly) when you arrive to be let in, and listen for a knock to help new arrivals to enter for prayer.
* It is very important not to leave the church empty – wait for the new people to arrive before you leave the church.
Please check your name off on the list when you arrive.
* You are welcome to commit to more than one hour.
* Please bring your own materials to assist in your prayers. We are unable to put materials out to pick up. On the bulletin board in the gathering areas, you can find a poster called “Photo Booth” – there will be some prayers posted there, that you can take a photo of with your phone, to use during personal prayer if you’d like.
* Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will end just before 9:00 am on Saturday before morning Mass begins.

* In the case of any problem, please call or text Fr. Matthew: (403) 401-8930.