Bishop McGrattan’s Letter to the Faithful on Holy Week and the Triduum and Cancellation of Masses

Bishop McGrattan has issued a letter regarding the indefinite suspension of Masses and how Holy Week and the Triduum will be celebrated.

In my letter of March 16, 2020, I informed you that the suspension of public Masses would continue until April 5. Today, I am writing you this letter to inform you of the extension of the suspension indefinitely until the situation improves, and we will be able to gather publicly.”

The full letter may be read on the Diocese Website (PDF)

In addition the Diocese has issued the following documents: (PDF format)

Guidelines Holy Week and RCIA 27 March 2020

Instructions from the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults and Canon Law – 24 March 2020

More information and updates may be found on the Diocese Website. These measures are in keeping with a Decree issued by The Congregation for Divine Worship . Information on that Decree may be found on The Vatican News Site. 

The Decree itself  may be read in full HERE:  (PDF)

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Alternatively, it may be accessed directly from the Diocese Website.