Tolkien and Saints – The Sacraments in Middle Earth

Can a great work of fiction enlighten one towards the lives of the Saints and the Sacraments? Word on Fire contributor Jared Zimmerer thiniks so, more so after reading Craig Bernthal’s book “Tolkien’s Sacramental Vision: Discerning the Holy in Middle Earth”

In his article Jared writes:

“I recently read a fantastic addition to the continued efforts to unfold the evangelistic vision within the literature of J.R.R. Tolkien entitled Tolkien’s Sacramental Vision: Discerning the Holy in Middle Earth. The author, Craig Bernthal, exquisitely unfurls the influence of Tolkien’s Catholicism upon his writing and his development of Middle Earth. How is it that Baptism is unveiled in the lives of Frodo and Sam? When does Middle Earth experience its fall from grace and thus the necessity of a saving victim? Bernthal tackles these questions and more…”

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