St. Charles Borromeo

In an article at Swords of Truth, Fr.Nathan talks about St.Charles Borromeo, and the relic of him that we have at St.Bernard’s Church.

“Church sacristies (the room where everything needed for the celebration of the Holy Mass is kept) can become the dumping ground of many decades of liturgical vestments, altar linens and countless other items. Some are of exquisite quality, while others are in need of being thrown into a liturgical bonfire! If a priest or sacristan takes the time to periodically give the sacristy a decent cleaning, then every so often he may come across an unexpected treasure. Such was the case when I was cleaning out a drawer and found a small metal case that contained the relic of a saint. Upon closer inspection, I learned that it was a relic of St Charles Borromeo, with the intials E.C. written beneath. This is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase ex corpore, which means that the relic is a piece of the flesh of the saintly 16th century Cardinal Archbishop of Milan.”

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